We have taken our favorite rituals and routines, our tried and true practices, and combined them all into one perfect package for those seeking spiritual alignment.


with Cass, Jade & Kaylin!

Alongside Spirit, we work together as a team within the cycles of the moon to set intentions and release old ways of being.

Through meditation and breathwork, moon circles, and live card readings - join us each month as we bridge the gap between the spiritual world and the physical world to achieve true alignment.

"We need to make it safe for each other, not by calling each other out and finger pointing,   but by calling each other in."

― Lisa Lister

Though we do our best work at our highest vibration together as a team, it is our unique abilities that provide the foundation for this particular program we’ve created:

Shamanic healer and entrepreneurial goddess Cassandra’s powerful life purpose is to raise the overall consciousness of the collective. She goes where she is guided and heals those around her, up-leveling the entire world along the way.

The sweetest astrologer you will ever meet, Jade’s prowess reaches so far into the Universe that she dances among the planets. Her knowledge and passion for astrology comforts and empowers all who are lucky enough to experience her wisdom.

With a passion for people and a deep knowledge of psychology, Kaylin’s organizational skills provide the structure for success. Her belief in the good of the collective inspires others to rise to the occasion.


How exactly do we bridge the spiritual and physical worlds to achieve our best selves each and every month?

Bi-monthly moon circle ceremonies will be provided for you to set intentions with the new moon and release what no longer serves you with the full moon. These pre-recorded sessions allow you to follow along at a time and pace that works best for you. From the opening prayer to the closing breathwork, we’ll be there with you each step of the way.

Speaking of breathwork, you will also be provided with monthly guided meditation and breathing exercises based on the needs of the collective. Your Spiritual Team will tap in to tailor this program specifically for you each month. Nothing is pre-planned, we go where we are told.

Twice a month, we will schedule live tarot card reading sessions to help guide and ground you as needed. Through these readings, listen to what Spirit is trying to tell you as channeled through each of us.




Connecting with Spirit through the four of us creates Your Spiritual Team!

We look forward to connecting with you as long as it feels right.

This program is non-committal: come and go month-to-month or join us for the year!

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